Beginner Tips

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  • All new trainers start the game with 5 Corda Balls in their bag.
  • If a Pokémon is from Alola (not including Alola Forms), a Corda Ball is used when catching.
  • If a Pokémon is a ζ-Rift Pokémon, a Corda Ball is used when catching, but you are not required to have one. (This can cause you to have a negative number of Corda Balls.)
  • Otherwise, you do not need to have a Corda Ball to catch the Pokémon, and a Corda Ball will not be used.
  • If a Pokémon spawns but the picture doesn't load correctly for some reason, DO NOT GUESS the name of the Pokémon. Guessing is considered cheating and will get you in trouble. Repeated guessing after you've been asked to stop will result in being temporarily or permanently blocked from playing Tilia.
  • Some spawns are "Blind Spawns", where a Pokémon's dex entry appears instead of its image. You are allowed to guess for these spawns, as long as they aren't "joke guesses", such as "Zapdos" since Zapdos cannot spawn.
  • The daily command can be used to claim 200 Corda Buck, 2 Corda Balls, and 1,000 Discount Card. After catching your first Pokémon, you must wait 23 hours to claim your daily. Afterwards, you can claim your daily every 23 hours.
  • It is not recommended for beginning players to spend money on Honey-like items, as it will not help you fill out your dex until much later.
  • If you want to evolve (or devolve) a non-Alola Pokémon, use a Discount item instead. Discount items can be purchased with your Discount Card, which you get 1,000 of with your daily.
  • For example, you can evolve a Bulbasaur with a Discount Evo Candy instead of an Evo Candy.
  • Just like the main series Pokémon games, buying 10 Corda Balls at a time will yield an additional ball as a bonus. If you can, buy Corda Balls in multiples of 10.
  • Physical keyboards are usually superior to mobile keyboards for typing speed and accuracy. That said, if you are quick with autocomplete and Pokémon names are properly loaded into that system, you may be able to gain some extra speed.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Even if you don't need the Pokémon that spawned, try catching it anyways to make sure your typing speed is on point, so you have a better chance at catching something you do need. If the Pokémon isn't from Alola, it doesn't use a Corda Ball to catch it.
  • If you really don't want the Pokémon, you can put a period at the end of its name.
  • Be aware of the different rarities of various Pokémon. Starter Pokémon and pseudo-legendary Pokémon in particular are often highly sought after.
  • Additionally, Pokémon from the Alola and Kalos regions are often more valuable than older Pokémon of the same rarity. In addition, Pokémon that evolve from other Pokémon of lower rarities may be less valuable (for example, some people might find Dratini more valuable than a Charizard, even though they are both Ultra Rare, since Charizard evolves from a Rare, Charmander.)
  • You can always ask a Tilia moderator or another member of Staff if you're unsure if a given trade is fair.
  • Don't rush trades. You should never feel bullied into making a trade, and if you think it's a bad deal, you always have the option to say no. If unsure, feel free to conduct trade negotiations publicly.