Professor Tilia Cordata

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Professor Tilia Cordata

The game, bot and website were created by Saphir (Saphir#0001), from an original idea by Miles (miles#6969). Script and database structure are Saphir's property. No personal data is stored, only the players' Discord user identification number, username and avatar, as visible to all.

If you have questions regarding the bot, bugs to report or suggestions, you can contact Saphir at

The owner reserves the right to change the behavior of the bot or any of its settings at any time, for any reason and without prior notice. Tilia's awesome artwork was made by golden3point14 (tumblr), Bulbagarden Staff Artist.

Its official website can be found here:
You can play with the bot on Discord here: Elaria

"Hi! I'm Tilia Cordata, and I'm a Pokémon professor!

My job is to research the impact of human technologies on Pokémon. For example, how Poké Balls make life different for Pokémon, how the development of cities changed Pokémon habitats and a bunch of other stuff you're probably not interested in anyway.

The important part is that Pokémon have started appearing on Discord! So, I have a brand new Pokédex for you, and I'd like you to help me fill it with Pokémon that inhabit Discord.

For that, I will give you some of the balls I helped design, the Corda Balls. They should never fail on Discord Pokémon... Unless they run away of course! If you need more, you'll have to buy them though, I designed them, but I don't manufacture them!

According to my calculations, a Pokémon appears roughly every 10 minutes. Just type its name to catch it. If you're fast enough, the ball will work every time, and the Pokémon will be sent to your PC.

Every day, I will give you some money, so you can buy some more balls. They cost 200 each, just like regular Poké Balls! The store has other items in stock, don't hesitate to check it out.

The Pokémon currently seem to be originating from a few regions only, but I'm sure we will see more and more diverse species appear as your Pokédex collects more and more information.

I need those Pokémon for my research, by the way. So they will only stay in your Pokédex for as long as I can work on them. If you get separated from them in any way, their data will be removed from your Pokédex."