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Bunnelby #659
Rarity: Common
Obtaining: Catching, Devolution Spray (Diggersby)
Discovered By: audrawr.

Bunnelby is a Pokémon introduced in Generation VI (Kalos).

It evolves into Diggersby when given an Evo Candy.

There is a chance that Diggersby will be reverted into Bunnelby when exposed to a Devolution Spray KC-MK1, Devolution Spray KC-MK2, or Devolution Spray KC-MK3.

Dex Entry[edit]

Bunnelby is a rabbit-like Pokemon known for its curiosity. They can be most commonly found outdoors where they can explore and sniff the ground. Sometimes, you can catch them burrowing in the ground. Sometimes, they find objects, but their ability to find things isn't as good as their evolved form, Diggersby's.

Other Forms[edit]